Elemental Fear NEWS!!!!

Finally my first baby has had a much needed face-lift. She’s all pretty and formatted and beautifully edited.

I won’t deny that this is a hard hitting story, and immensely graphic. But i wrote this book with the intention to make you cringe, to make you feel the pain Eve endures. I have had so many women message me, saying how real it felt. Women who have suffered at the hands of an abuser. It both humbles me and terrifies me that out there in the world women live this horror. But the underlying message is hope. Survival and gut determination to end their suffering.

I want to thank those ladies who have messaged me, because – yes I have had many doubts about this story. To a point I felt I needed to pull it completely from sale. But fear sometimes needs a little voice. But many little voices can suddenly become a raucous noise.  This is my little voice <3

Okay, sorry about the rant – this is why I probably don’t do many blogs, I ramble far too much lol.

If you want to head over to Amazon, Eve and Dominic’s story is on sale now! Click the image below!



LOVE to you all xxxx

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